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    Employees of Bosko Buha Theatre do not want to move to Belgrade Waterfront: Space does not meet the needs

    The employees of the Bosko Buha Theatre have pointed out that they cannot accept the offer for a complete relocation to Belgrade Waterfront because that space does not meet the needs for the functioning of the theatre and they requested that the property and legal situation that hinders the reconstruction of the building at Trg Republike be resolved as soon as possible.

    „The Bosko Buha Theatre requests that the property and legal situation be resolved as soon as possible, for a maximum of one month, as this is a prerequisite for the beginning of the reconstruction. If this does not happen, we will be forced to take further steps,“ the collective said in a statement, read on behalf of the employees by actress Slobodanka Boba Latinovic.

    As explained, the theatre accepted the original offer to use the space on Sava Square as an additional stage, but this building was built for a smaller theatre and it did not satisfy the needs of the Bosko Buha Theatre.

    What is wrong with the building at Trg Republike?

    When it comes to the reconstruction of the building at Trg Republike, as stated by the employees, the problem is in the wrong registration.

    In a statement read by Latinovic, it is stated that when they left the building in 2015 due to the reconstruction, the property-legal problem did not exist. Then in 2017, Rubin Krusevac registered in the cadastre the space of the foyer and theatre hall, and later the ownership was transferred to the company Butik Krusevac.

    „This resulted in the alienation of the property of the city of Belgrade, to which the Bosko Buha Theatre has the right to use it indefinitely. The theatre was told that the registration was made by mistake, which would be corrected as soon as possible, which has not happened to date,“ Latinovic read.

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