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    Elenkov for BIZLife: I use Viber for business communication

    A new service within the Viber app – Viber Local Number is currently available for numbers in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Nevertheless, it is available to users around the world, but for now they can only choose a phone number in these countries, while the option for numbers in other countries will soon become available.

    In relation to this service, as well as the other features offered by Viber, we have talked to Momchil Elenkov of Rakuten Viber, who is in charge of making partnerships between Viber and the companies of various profiles around the world (Telecom & B2B Partnerships Director).

      „The new service allows the companies operating in an international environment to communicate with their clients without roaming costs paid by the user, regardless of where they are. However, the user must have an active Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) in order for the service to function. In that case, when someone calls you or sends you a message, it will be charged as a regular call or a text message without additional costs,“ says Elenkov.

    Elenkov tells us that he uses Viber for business communication – he thus talks to his colleagues and associates, sends messages and exchanges documentation with them. Therefore, communication by e-mail is replaced by this kind of communication, because most of his interlocutors use Viber.

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