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    Each resident of Serbia throws 35 kilograms of food A YEAR

    Almost 247,000 tonnes of food are thrown away every year in Serbia, which, when observed on daily basis, is as many as 676 tonnes, analysis of the first official survey on food waste in Serbian households. „Every single one of us throws around 35 kilograms of food a year, i.e. food worth around RSD 10,000,“ announced the Centre for Environmental Improvement, which conducted the survey. Bread is thrown the most (10.18 kilograms), followed by milk (6.74 litres), while fruits (5.7 kilograms) and vegetables (5.33 kilograms) are at the bottom of the list. „If all the food wasted in Serbia within a year was packed into delivery trucks, the line they would form would spread from Subotica to Kragujevac,“ the statement said. It is pointed out that food is thrown away in Serbia for numerous reasons – because it spoils (67 percent), because household members do not want to eat food that is not fresh (17 percent), or because citizens think it is not safe (11 percent).

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