Drakulic: Whoever has money, now makes purchases

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    Drakulic: Whoever has money, now makes purchases

    Whoever has the money, now makes purchases, because the greatest profits are realized in crises, the owner of the Point Group and the chairman of the Business Club “Privrednik” (Entrepreneur), Zoran Drakulic, said on the occasion of the ever-increasing offer of business facilities and companies looking for buyers, due to the crisis.

    Everything that is favourable, and has a convenient price, will be included in the plans of investors, and tourist facilities are the first on the list, he points out.

    Drakulic says that several hotels will definitely be sold and that this is already discussed in the business community.

    Not many are surprised by this occurrence, that is, the fact that hotels are targeted for sale, since fewer and fewer overnight stays and tourist visits have been registered.

    Thus the nekretnine.rs website runs advertisements for sale of numerous hotels, but also of restaurants, production facilities and warehouses, tourist complexes…

    For example, several hotels and apartment complexes are for sale on Kopaonik Mt, but so are hotels in Belgrade.

    A lot of other catering facilities, such as restaurants and cafes, are also listed for sale.

    For example, in the very heart of Belgrade, a fully equipped night club and a cafe, covering an area of 85 square meters, is advertised for sale at a price of EUR 350,000.

    In addition to catering facilities, large halls and production facilities in industrial zones throughout Serbia are also for sale.

    For example, a complex of 15,368 square meters has been advertised for sale in Nis, and it includes several warehouses, production and business facilities, but also storage units for materials, train engine hall, sand blasting facility, and several workshops.

    The entire complex is listed for sale at a price of EUR 2 million.

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