Djerlek reveals SERIOUS HOTBEDS of coronavirus in Serbia

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    Djerlek reveals SERIOUS HOTBEDS of coronavirus in Serbia

    The State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mirsad Djerlek, states that the situation with the coronavirus epidemic in Novi Pazar is deteriorating and that this city and Tutin are serious hotbeds of Covid in Serbia.

    Djerlek said for Prva TV that there are 98 patients in the hospital in Novi Pazar, of which 48 are from this city, while 35 are from Tutin.

    He added that he came to Novi Pazar on the orders of the President of the Republic and the Minister of Health to see the situation and that he would talk to the municipal leadership and directors of healthcare institutions, to prevent the situation from July last year from happening again.

    He reiterated that he was worried about the epidemiological situation in this area and that “there is nothing good about this.”

    “Severe and moderate clinical pictures are dominant, the situation is quite serious. We do have the capacities to accommodate them, there are 350 beds and additional 100 spots in Novopazarska Banja. I hope that we will not fill all the beds, but the delta strain has become dominant, we have to be ready for the worst case scenario”, Djerlek warned.

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