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    Dividends to shareholders of Belgrade airport must wait

    The payment of dividends to shareholders of „Nikola Tesla“ Airport in Belgrade will be possible only after adoption of the audited financial report of that enterprise.

    According to today’s issue of the „Politika“ daily, this cannot happen before March.

    It is stated that dividends have not yet been paid to small shareholders of the „Nikola Tesla“ Airport, although on December 21st, 2018, the French company „Vinci“ paid a concession fee of EUR501 million to that enterprise in order to take over the management of the airport.

    Following adoption of audited financial statements, the payment of dividends will be concluded, in accordance with decision of the Shareholders’ Assembly, to all shareholders of the airport, the „Politika“ daily announced statement from the Office of the Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

    As reported, 83.5 percent of those shares belong to state, and 16.5 percent to small shareholders, among whom are citizens who received free shares as well.

    Izvor: Beta/Politika

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