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    DEVASTATING scene from Sava Quay: Swans in garbage (PHOTO)

    The Serbian informal group of citizens „Sava nasip“ has posted on Twitter devastating photos from the Sava Quay in Belgrade, which perfectly evoke the primacy of arrogance and human impudence over nature.

    The photo shows swans practically „captured“, surrounded by rafts floating on the garbage in the Sava River.

    Paper, masks, plastic bottle caps… A sad depiction of the rock bottom that we touched in relation to nature and the place that should be an oasis of peace for all the citizens of Belgrade.

    Namely, the group „Sava nasip“ fights against „the seizing of the embankment“ and for security and respect for civil rights, and it especially warns of illegal construction on the banks of the Sava River along the blocks 70, 45 in Novi Beograd Municipality and farther to Ostruznica Bridge, where a large number of illegal holiday homes are built, which, as the group says, endanger the water supply of a significant number of citizens in that part of the city.

    Izvor: BIZlife

    Foto: Pixabay

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