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    Czechs buying Jat tehnika

    The Ministry of Economy has reached a decision, declaring Prague based company „Avia Prime“ the buyer of 99.3834 stake of Jat Tehnika’s capital, B92 reports. On October 25th, the Ministry of Economy announced a public call for the sale of 99.3834 percent stake in an aircraft maintenance and repair company Jat tehnika’s. The deadline for submitting a request for the purchase of sales documentation was November 6th, 2019, and by that date two requests for the purchase of sales documentation had been submitted. The requests were submitted by Avia Prime from Prague (Czech Republic) and SR Technics from Kloten, Switzerland. The deadline for submitting applications to participate in the proceedings was November 12th, 2019. By that deadline, one application to participate in the proceedings was submitted and the participant was Avi Prime. Based on the proposal of the Commission for conducting the procedure of public bidding, the Ministry of Economy issued a decision on November 26th, declaring Avia Prime a buyer.

    Izvor: B92

    Foto: Jatcom

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