CRTA’s analysis: No one is on TV STATIONS as much as Vucic

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    CRTA’s analysis: No one is on TV STATIONS as much as Vucic

    In March, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic got 40 percent of the total “political” time in the news programs of TV stations with nationwide coverage, according to an analysis by the Centre for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA).

    In March, 40 percent of the total time allocated for political figures was reserved for president of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vucic, so he was almost every other interlocutor in TV news, which is a continuation of a multi-month trend.

    “In addition to his share in the central news programs, in March, Vucic addressed the citizens live through the media every day on average, i.e. 29 times in 31 days, which is the highest in the last six months.”

    CRTA noted that Vucic appeared in TV shows three times in March, lasting from an hour to two and a half hours, and that he addressed the public live 26 more times through live broadcasts from various gatherings that lasted for 30 minutes an average,” the analysis shows.

    The trend that has lasted for many months of dominant coverage of regime parties in central news programs of the TV stations with nationwide coverage continued during March, but with a significant increase in the negative coverage of opposition parties, the analysis concludes.

    CRTA notes that these findings are yet another indication of the non-existence of political pluralism in the media with nationwide coverage.

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