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    Coca-Cola HBC Serbia has begun the process of acquisition of Bambi

    Coca-Cola HBC Serbia is pleased to inform the public that the company Coca-Cola HBC AG has begun the process of acquisition of the leading domestic confectionery company Bambi from Mid Europa Partners fund, worth EUR 260 million, the company announced.

    The final agreement will be defined through closing adjustments, and the acquisition is subject to regular conditions and authorizations by competent bodies, which is why the process is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2019.

    „Our strategic intention is for this acquisition to enable company new opportunities for development in Serbia and the region, as well as the possibility of expansion to complementary product categories, “ it is announced.

    The Chief Executive Officer of the company Coca-Cola HBC AG, Zoran Bogdanovic has stated that this acquisition represents an excellent opportunity for creating added value for their company, customers and shareholders. „We will add complementary brands well-known to consumers to our existing portfolio of leading beverage brands, as well as innovative skills and knowledge. This will further strengthen our relevance in the market and our relationship with consumers, allowing us to increase our presence in key opportunities for consumption, such as the beginning of the day, consumption on the move and snacks and refreshment at home.“

    The acquisition will add leading domestic market bands in a very significant and above all complementary category to the portfolio of our company in Serbia, which is also one of the fastest growing markets of the company Coca-Cola HBC globally. We also believe that this acquisition offers the possibility of synergy through joint promotions and complementary innovations. An important value of the company Bambi is also its strong distribution network, including the distribution through strategically important channels, such as traditional retail and HoReCa, Atanasov says.

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