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    CITY took over the management of „Milan Gale Muskatirovic“

    City enterprise „25. maj – Milan Gale Muskatirovic“ took over the management of swimming pool and the entire city property. According to statement of the Secretariat for Information of the City of Belgrade, that property has so far been managed in a bad way by the public enterprise Sports Recreational and Business Centre „Milan Gale Muskatirovic“.“Debts of this municipal enterprise, which has managed sports centre so far, exceed one million euros, thus endangering its business operations. This way, city property will be protected and conditions for new investments and modernization of swimming pool will be created,“ the statement by the City Secretariat says. Residents of the Municipality Stari Grad, as well as other residents of Belgrade will be able to use the swimming pool without obstructions, based on all decisions currently in power, and new management will have to develop new and additional amenities for citizens. The first decision of the city enterprise „25. maj – Milan Gale Muskatirovic“ is to decrease the daily swimming pool pass from RSD 250 to RSD 200, and to increase employees’ salaries in this sports centre by around 20 percent on average.


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