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    CarGo disunites taxi drivers: They are offering RSD 150,000 and a car to those who are honest

    The CEO of „CarGo Technologies“, Vuk Guberinic has announced that „CarGo Technologies“, teamed up with honest taxi drivers, will soon introduce a new, modern taxi, which will mark the beginning of a new taxi era. At the same time he has presented a package of measures thanks to which no taxi driver will remain without a job. „CarGo is not a taxi. It has not been made like it, nor will it ever be. However, we were contacted by honest taxi drivers who do not want to be a part of the strike, yet they wish to exit claws of the taxi cartel. Due to cartels and interest groups, they were brought to the brink of existence. No more oppression. CarGo will help honest taxi drivers form a new taxi association, but that is not all. We are proposing a package of measures and we guarantee that no honest taxi driver will lose his job,“ Guberinic has said at a press conference in Belgrade. While talking about the package of measures, Guberinic has emphasized that he guarantees honest taxi drivers a salary of RSD 150,000 a month in the new taxi drivers’ association, full employment rights and a monthly fee of RSD 2,000 plus VAT. „No more looting and monthly levies by cartel associations. The association of honest taxi drivers will secure first six months without expenses, and after that a monthly fee of just RSD 2,000 plus VAT for software maintenance”,  CarGo director has explained. Guberinic has said there are no hidden costs and that the new association also guarantees benefits to honest taxi drivers, such as assistance with setting tax debt, purchase of a new car, state of the art payment of service and assistance with keeping records.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Pixabay

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