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    BIZLife „30 under 30“: Aleksandar Ristic, Entrepreneur, „Rish Shoes“

    Alexander gradually entered the family business at the age of twelve, beginning with the simplest operations in the process of shoemaking, by applying adhesive to processed surface of uppers and soles for example. After nine years of training and completed studies in the fashion design, he returned to the company as a capable and mature member of its crew. For the last three years he has been intensely involved in day-to-day business and has been contributing to development of the business model and family business community – from simplifying and perfecting the fabrication process to procuring quality materials, both for work and for making. As of five years ago, when they branded the company RISH, they relied entirely on Italian materials of proven and highest quality. Alexander’s job is to keep the bureaucratic part of the business under control, including every product that comes out of the workshop, in which he himself is the master craftsman. “Big decisions are still being made jointly, because this is, after all, a family-owned company, which I am in charge of,” Alexander says. In her spare time, she enjoys music and learns about sound reproduction. Is there anything you had to renounce in order to get to where you are now? I learned from my father that a successful business must have its sacrifices; you either enjoy your youth or are dedicated to work. I decided to obey him and give up my „night life“ at the age of twenty. Did success reach you, or was it the other way round? We are chasing each other, someone happens to be in the lead occasionally, but we quickly reach one another. Success must be respected, because it is lost in a day, even though one has been gaining it the entire life. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your work so far? Work, work and just work. Every day one needs to work on business improvements, as implementation of business models is changing on daily basis. What is the ultimate goal? The ultimate goal is for this business to survive after me. Favourite school subject? Technical education in elementary school, sociology in grammar school and business fundamentals in fashion design. First job? Shoes, always. Business role model? My father. Motivational song? „Regulate“ by Nate Dogg and Warren G (because I love to be the one who regulates all situations and obstacles).

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