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    Big slick passes through Belgrade on the Sava River – it looks like oil

    The Serbian informal group of citizens „Savski nasip“ has announced on Facebook, along with the attached photo, that a large slick on the Sava River, which looks like oil, is just passing through Belgrade.

    They warned that if the Sava River was polluted upstream from Belgrade, the citizens of Belgrade would be left only with water from the Reni wells, however, illegal weekend houses, parking lots and septic tanks have been built next to the Reni wells, which will sooner or later pollute the water from the Reni wells.

    „The state has not demolished these houses for a decade, which endanger the water supply of Belgrade, and new weekend houses are still being built. The owners of those weekend houses even drill the Reni wells to take water and electricity. Yesterday, the government adopted a plan allowing the construction of the Tesla city at the Makis water source, where the remaining Reni wells are located. Belgrade will soon be left without water due to the interest of a small number of arrogant individuals“, the group of citizens claims.

    The group „Sava nasip“ fights against „the seizing of the embankment“ and for security and respect for civil rights, and it especially warns of illegal construction on the banks of the Sava River along the blocks 70, 45 in Novi Beograd Municipality and farther to Ostruznica Bridge, where a large number of illegal holiday homes are built, which, as the group says, endanger the water supply of a significant number of citizens in that part of the city.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Beta/Ana Slović

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