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    Best of Prime Minister: DIFFICULT year, but Fiat IS NOT AT RISK

    Fiat in Kragujevac is not, nor will it be, jeopardized if the company merges with Renault, and the Serbian government is talking to and mediating between the trade unions and the factory’s management so that workers will be affected to the smallest possible extent by the transformation of the factory, says PM Ana Brnabic. „We are in constant communication with the representatives of trade unions and management, but one thing is certain: if Fiat and Renault merge, this is good news for Serbia, because it will be a stronger company that announced that no factory from the spectrum of Fiat and Renault would be shut down.“ Prior to receiving such a proposal from Fiat, I talked about increasing investments in the factory in Kragujevac. The plans related to this factory are the most specific so far, but I cannot discuss them at the moment, said Brnabic. „This year will definitely be a bit more difficult, because this year Fiat is going through its transformation and the merger with Renault, which is why these extra days were requested and we will try to find a way to meet the needs of the workers so that they would be affected to the lowest extent possible by this turmoil and the transformation of the factory, but the future is not in any way at risk,“ Brnabic said.

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