Besides RUSSIAN, a CHINESE vaccine will also be made in Serbia

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    Besides RUSSIAN, a CHINESE vaccine will also be made in Serbia

    The President Aleksandar Vucic agreed, together with the United Arab Emirates and China, that a vaccine against coronavirus by the Chinese company Sinopharm would be produced in Serbia.

    “I bring news that is almost unbelievable. We have made a big deal. In the following days, within two weeks, we will do it both publicly and sing the necessary agreements. It will be entirely Greenfield, a new vaccine plant for Sinopharm vaccines, which we will build together with the Emirates and the Chinese in Serbia, and we will start producing vaccine as early as October 15th,” the president said in an interview with RTS.

    “We will have large quantities of vaccines for us, but also for the entire region, because what I have learned is that we will have to give the vaccine to the region, even at the price of the production itself, because if there is a problem in the region it will not be enough if we cure our people or act with preventive measures,” Vucic explained.

    Earlier today, the Minister Nenad Popovic announced that the production of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” in Serbia should start by May 20th.

    Izvor: RTS

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