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    BELGRADE to get an AQUA PARK after all: The solution for a ruin in Block 44 after decade and a half

    The City of Belgrade will confiscate the land in Block 44, which a certain company leased in order to build an aqua park, yet never did, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic has stated, adding that intention will remain the same, and an aqua park will most certainly be constructed there. Vesic has stated that 15 years ago land was leased to a company that should have constructed the aqua park, but it declared bankruptcy, „Beoinfo“ reports. As he has said, the city will take away that location from the company in the following period, in accordance with the law, and it will also return money to a company that it paid at the time. He has added that there was an initiative five years ago to turn that land into a residential one, but this was stopped as city officials wish to build an aqua park there. „Belgrade needs an aqua park, thus we will take that location, issue a tender for an aqua park and finally solve that issue,“ Vesic has said in his conversation with residents of Block 45. Vesic has added that such content will increase attractiveness of this part of the city, emphasizing that there are interested companies that would construct the aqua park, since the city cannot do it.


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