Bebac: SALARY for postpartum and pregnant women is once again being REDUCED

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    Bebac: SALARY for postpartum and pregnant women is once again being REDUCED

    “Bebac”, the web portal for parents, announced that state once again reduced salaries of postpartum women, because employers used state measures of aid during the pandemic, thus the compensation of earnings during maternity leave will be reduced for postpartum and pregnant women.

    In order to mitigate the economic consequences of the state of emergency and the corona crisis in Serbia, state has allowed employers to delay payment of taxes and contributions for their employees.

    “As much as this measure has helped employers, it is unacceptable for employees to suffer because of this very same measure, namely pregnant and postpartum women, whose months for which the employer has not paid taxes and contributions would not be taken into account when it comes to compensation of earnings. In practical terms, that means that all postpartum women whose employers used this right will be deprived of the appropriate compensation,” “Bebac” announced.

    Employers had the right to defer payment of taxes and contributions for a total of four months: March, April, May and August, or April, May, June and August 2020.

    “All pregnant and postpartum women whom these months enter or will enter in the last 18 months from the day of opening the maternity leave, i.e. 18 months from the beginning of the maternity leave, will be severely damaged, because these months will be calculated as RSD 0 in the final calculation of salary compensation,” “Bebac” reports.

    It is added that postpartum women will be able to get the difference in salary compensation in 2023.

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