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    Bad idea: CLS opposes relocation of turnout at “Zelenjak”

    Director of the Centre for Local Self-Government (CLS), Nikola Jovanovic, has noted that the proposal to relocate the bus turnout at Zeleni venac is not a good idea „at the moment“.

    He said in a statement that the turnout has not been placed there by chance, but because of the large number of passengers at one of the key points in the urban city center.

    „It is not possible for all lines to be diametric (passable), because it would cause additional congestion in Terazije Tunnel even after exiting it,“ Jovanovic said, adding that, therefore, a turnout at Zeleni venac had to exist.

    According to him, there used to be an idea to abolish this turnout in the past, and this was considered in the previous metro plan, which envisaged the station Varos kapija that would relieve the Zeleni venac area.

    „Belgrade must be led by people who know it and understand the movements of people, instead of every clerk making proposals that have nothing to do with the real situation and the needs of citizens,“ he said.

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