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    Agroeconomic analyst is CONFIDENT Serbia WILL NOT starve

    Agroeconomic analyst Zarko Galetin has said that Serbia has enough food and that he is confident that there will be no empty shelves and shortages.

    Galetin pointed out on Insajder TV that it was necessary to trust the professionals and not to succumb to the psychosis of fear, and that he was „surprised by the panicked tone in which the news was announced“.

    „Serbia cannot feed half of Europe, but it is a serious exporter of wheat, a serious exporter of corn… It is all in our hands. I cannot imagine a scenario that would have to happen in order for Serbia to run out of food. What the prices will be is a different story,“ Galetin said.

    He added that citizens would obviously experience the crisis, but that he was personally convinced that there would be no empty shelves and shortages.

    Galetin added that it was, nevertheless, not sustainable for prices to be frozen in the longer run, because if the state forced someone to make a loss, those companies would disappear from the market.

    Izvor: Insajder

    Foto: Pixabay

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