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    ADOPTED: These are the FINAL routes for the BG Subway, they will be underground for the most part

    The French company Egis has completed the General Project and the Previous Feasibility Study for Belgrade subway lines 1 and 2, and city commission for implementation of this phase of the project has accepted the final report. As senior engineer for bridge construction and civil engineering at this company Goran Tadic stated, the General Project and the Previous Feasibility Study encompassed all elements envisaged in Serbian law and the project task, eKapija web portal reports. According to him, the following routes have been adopted: Line 1, Zeleznik – Mirijevo, 21.3 km in length and with 23 stations and Line 2, Zemun Railway Station – Mirijevo, 19.2 km in length and with 20 stations. „The route is mostly underground, except in Makisko Polje, where section of Line 1 would be located on an elevation of an average of 2 meters. The two lines cross and have junction grade underground stations at Sava Square, where passengers can switch between lines. Parallel stations for both lines are planned in Mirijevo. There should be a tunnel beneath the Sava River for Line 2. A part of Line 2 in Novi Beograd can also be built on a viaduct,“ Tadic says.The first phase would most probably entail the construction of Line 1 from Zeleznik to Karaburma. Let us remind that Serbian government has recently established a Task Force for the realization of the project „Belgrade Subway Construction“, whose task it is to prepare acceptable technical, commercial and financial solutions for the realization of this project together with Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA). As Tadic has said, Egis, based on the Contract, has completed the General Project and the Previous Feasibility Study for Belgrade subway lines 1 and 2. „We presume that next phases of funding, designing and building of the subway are being discussed with Power Construction Corporation of China,“ Tadic has said. In late December 2018, the company for the construction of the subway system was founded by a decision of the City of Belgrade, and Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic stated at the time that the total value of the works would amount to EUR 3.6 billion, of which the first phase will cost EUR 1.3 billion.

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