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    ADOPTED: Technical inspection once a year

    The Serbian Parliament has adopted the amendments to the Law on Traffic Safety on Serbian Roads, abolishing the provision that stipulated technical inspection of vehicles twice a year.

    Thus, the potential trouble for a huge number of drivers in Serbia (the average age of vehicles is 16.4 years) is legally prevented, so vehicles, regardless of age, will undergo technical inspection only once a year.

    The obligation of the first regular technical inspection for newly manufactured vehicles is also abolished. In practice, this means that the owners of these cars will drive their (new) favourites for technical inspection for the first time two years after the purchase.

    However, in order to register these vehicles, they must obtain a „Certificate of Conformity“ from the manufacturer/importer, as evidence which contains accurate information on the characteristics of the vehicle.

    If importers and local vehicle manufacturers issue this certificate with incorrect data, they will be fined in the amount of RSD 200,000 to 600,000.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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