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    A promise is being fulfilled: The average salary in DECEMBER will exceed EUR 500

    The Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali said the average salary would exceed EUR 500 in December, thus „fulfilling what was promised“, but that the Government is not even pleased with such result, as it wants even better standard, stating that this was achieved on sound economic grounds. While having a guest appearance at RTS, he said that expects the next year’s budget, on which the debate in the Serbian Assembly will commence today, to be adopted by the end of November, stating that this is in a way a turning point, following difficult and successful reforms launched in 2012. As he said, the two main goals of the budget are increase in salaries, pensions and minimum wage, as well as accelerated economic development, as „never before have this much public investments been planned in the budget“. He said that the goal of the Serbian government is to increase citizens’ standard of living in the shortest possible time, but in a sound, responsible manner.

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