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    A photo finish of the „battle“ for KRAS: SERBIAN BUSINESSMAN already at 12 percent

    A share of „Kras“ has hit a record high of HRK 965 or EUR 131, which is 11 percent more than last week, but demand for these shares is still high. As soon as trading started on Monday, shares worth HRK 38 million or EUR 5.1 million were sold, and each new day also brings new records when it comes to value and number of shares sold. Stock prices are projected to rise to as much as EUR 160 in the coming days, while at the beginning of September shares cost around EUR 50. Serbian businessman Nebojsa Saranovic and his „Kappa star limited“ are still the biggest buyers, as based on estimates they already own around 12 percent of shares since Monday, while another buyer whose identity is unknown has reached two percent of shares. All this is an overture for the unravelling of a new ownership structure in Zagreb based company, which obviously attracts a lot of interest. Meat industry „Braca Pivac“ and small shareholders of „Kras“ also want to present an offer for the takeover, but now everything has become very complicated. It remains to be seen how many more shares Saranovic will buy in the next few days and what will be the outcome of this trading that no one predicted. „Braca Pivac“ will have to present an offer as well, but it expected that the share estimate will be significantly lower than the present price. In any case, it is only then that the photo-finish of this crazy stock market race will commence, as „Kras“ administration will have to make a decision in whose hands Zagreb based company will be in the future. It is realistic to expect that the final decision on the takeover of „Kras“ will be made within the next month, but it is possible that everything will not be finalized until November. Much more will be revealed at the extraordinary shareholders’ assembly of „Kras“, scheduled for the September 30th. The decision that shareholders will jointly cooperate with „Braca Pivac“ is expected on that day as well, and future contract would also include the protection of current workers.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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