A new plant in Pirot, Turks expand their investments in Serbia

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    A new plant in Pirot, Turks expand their investments in Serbia

    Talks are underway with the owner of the company “Macaron” from Turkey about the opening of the plant in Pirot, and the plan is for it to happen in March this year.

    This was stated with Beta agency today by the Deputy Mayor of Pirot, Milos Colic, reminding that this company has been operating in Velika Plana for years and it plans to open a plant in Pirot in the former hall of the plant “Lola Sarlah”, which it will lease for such purpose.

    It is a textile plant that produces clothes for famous brands such as “La Costa” and “Moncler”.

    “In Pirot, this investor plans to employ almost 200 workers in the first phase, and later he intends to employ another hundred,” said Colic.

    According to him, the owner of that company plans to open that facility in March.

    “This is our contribution to reducing unemployment in Pirot, by opening new facilities and jobs. The city will help with the opening of plants in our city, as it did to other investors,” said Colic.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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