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    A garage in Belgrade was sold for EUR 50,000, apartment prices are NOT GOING DOWN!

    The lease of business and residential space and rental prices are going down in Belgrade, except in luxury shopping centres and buildings, but prices of apartments are not falling, said Kaca Lazarevic, the owner of the real estate agency of the same name.

    She stated with Beta agency that large multinational companies and banks can still afford the luxury of paying expensive price for business space, while street bars are „empty“ or lessees are moving out of them in a search of cheaper ones.

    She added that there is a great demand for business space for bookmakers and that, if the location is good, potential lessees „do not ask about the price“.

    According to her, the prices of apartments in new buildings are not falling, it is actually even easier to sell more expensive and luxurious apartments.

    She added that apartments with garages are especially in demand and it is difficult to sell an apartment in Vracar in an old building if there is no garage space.

    According to her, garages are sold depending on the location from EUR 15,000 to EUR 30,000, and recently one garage was sold for EUR 50,000.

    Izvor: Pixabay

    Foto: Beta

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