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    A DISCOVERY made by doctors from Nis based hospital: Corona DAMAGES hearing++

    The first phase of hearing tests on patients with Covid-19 was completed at the Ear, Throat and Nose Clinic of the Nis based Clinical Centre, and it was determined that the virus seriously damages the cochlear nerve.

    It was determined in the past two and a half months at the Clinical Center in Nis, that the coronavirus, in addition to sense of smell and tastes, also endangers the sense of hearing among patients with Covid-19.

    This was confirmed after expert analyzes and checkups at the Clinic for Ear, Throat and Nose of the Nis based Centre, where results of the examination of around a hundred patients with severe and moderate clinical picture of the disease were officially announced.

    Professor Dusan Milisavljevic, PhD, pointed out in an interview with the Politika daily newspaper that, based on the findings during examinations in the past two and a half months, two theories were imposed on how this virus attacks and damages the cochlear nerve.

    According to the first, micro blood clots are most likely formed in the blood of those infected and ill with Covid-19, which strike the inner ear and damage the vascularization of the cochlear nerve. According to the second, the influence of the coronavirus leads to a lack of oxygen in hemoglobin, which damages the cochlear nerve – explained the director of Nis based ORL Clinic.

    As pointed out by Professor Milisavljevic, in around two thirds of the patients who were examined, normal hearing returns within a few weeks.

    Izvor: Politika

    Foto: Pixabay

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