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    100,000 new holiday VOUCHERS in Serbia by June

    New 100,000 vouchers for subsidized holidays in Serbia will be approved in May or June, said Husein Memic, minister of tourism and youth.

    According to him, the vouchers have in principle already been agreed on with Finance Minister Sinisa Mali.

    Namely, Memic recently said that vouchers were necessary for the domestic economy and tourism, as they had generally proved to be the most effective instrument for the development of destinations. According to the minister, they contributed to the extension of the number of days spent on vacation in Serbia, but it is even more important that many accommodation owners have left the gray area and moved into legal business flows due to the entry into the voucher system.

    The first amount of the vouchers was, as a reminder, distributed at the beginning of January. The representatives of the „My Serbia“ association also pointed out that there was great interest in subsidized holidays in Serbia, and in January they called on the government to approve an additional number of vouchers, because many citizens are interested in such a vacation system.


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