10 Heating Plants to Switch to Biomass Fuel

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    10 Heating Plants to Switch to Biomass Fuel

    Ten Serbian heating plants will begin using biomass instead of fossil fuels thanks to the help of Germany and Switzerland, the German organization for International Cooperation (GIZ) announced.

    It is part of the “Development of a sustainable bioenergy market in Serbia” project worth 27 million euros, 20 million of which is a loan from the German Development Bank (KfW), two million non-refundable assistance from the same bank, while the Swiss government donated five million.

    “The plants’ switchover to biomass has multiple benefits for the sustainable development of local communities. By purchasing a local energy source, in this case biomass, the money stays here, and new jobs are created in the supply and use chain.”

    At the same time, environmental pollution is significantly reduced, according to Reiner Schellhaas, an expert advisor to the project of Serbian-German development cooperation.

    Serbia is committed to increasing the share of energy from renewable sources, one of which is biomass, to 27 percent of the total energy consumption by 2020. Sustainable use of bioenergy significantly contributes to rural development and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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